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Five Life Events For Which BBQ Is Perfect

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Barbecue, or BBQ, is definitely a celebrated comfort food. There are so many variations on the sauce and so many meats that can be slow roasted or grilled with it, and it leaves you with such a satisfying taste. If you love BBQ but wonder how appropriate it is to hire BBQ catering services in your area, here are five events for which it is completely appropriate. A Country Wedding Couples who love country music and a riotous good time may choose to have a country wedding. If they do make that choice, then a BBQ caterer is perfect for the...

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How Can I Take Better Care Of My Deep Fryer?

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Whether you are getting ready for a fish fry or picnic with your fraternal organization or run a restaurant that cooks food using a fry master or similar deep fryer, you will need to take good care of it in order to remain safe and to get the best cooking performance. Following these tips will give you the benefit of using this deep fryer to the fullest, so that you are able to maximize on this investment and keep it in great use for years. This guide will help you exponentially, so that you’re able to make delicious food and protect...

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