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Five Life Events For Which BBQ Is Perfect

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Barbecue, or BBQ, is definitely a celebrated comfort food. There are so many variations on the sauce and so many meats that can be slow roasted or grilled with it, and it leaves you with such a satisfying taste. If you love BBQ but wonder how appropriate it is to hire BBQ catering services in your area, here are five events for which it is completely appropriate. A Country Wedding Couples who love country music and a riotous good time may choose to have a country wedding. If they do make that choice, then a BBQ caterer is perfect for the reception meal. It is also appropriate for the engagement party, should they have one. Most people enjoy a good BBQ, and caterers offer lots of different meats in various sauces for your event. Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day Many Americans get together for at least one of these holidays and spend time with family over a cookout. Unfortunately, that means the person doing all the grilling and barbecuing has to stand over a hot grill for an hour or more. If you plan on holding a family gathering during one of these holidays this year, consider a BBQ caterer instead. Then you can join the rest of the family in conversation or relax in the shade. Family Reunions Summer is the preferred season for massive family reunions because the kids are out of school and most families plan to travel anyway. When your second, third and fourth cousins crawl out of the woodwork, you have to plan on a lot of food. You cannot possibly cook a buffet in your own home or even at a park, and it takes a buffet to feed everyone. Again, a BBQ catering service is perfect, because most caterers do all the work, provide all the meat and side dishes, and then do all of the cleanup as well. Graduation Parties From high school to college, graduates are looking to party and eat a lot of good food. In the Southern half of the U.S., this means barbecue, and lots of it. Even if you live in the North, that does not mean you cannot partake of the same traditions. You can make it easy on yourself by hiring a caterer to feed all of those hungry teens and young adults. Charity Events Some charity events sponsor a “price per plate” event whereby attendees pay a lot of money to dine and help out the cause. A BBQ catering service (such as Bassett Caterers) can provide the food for such a benefit. You may even be able to convince the catering service to donate some of their profits to the cause if “x” number of people attend the event....

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How Can I Take Better Care Of My Deep Fryer?

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Whether you are getting ready for a fish fry or picnic with your fraternal organization or run a restaurant that cooks food using a fry master or similar deep fryer, you will need to take good care of it in order to remain safe and to get the best cooking performance. Following these tips will give you the benefit of using this deep fryer to the fullest, so that you are able to maximize on this investment and keep it in great use for years. This guide will help you exponentially, so that you’re able to make delicious food and protect your property and health: #1: Keep A Fire Extinguisher Handy At All Times Since deep frying foot with hot oil can be dangerous, you need to always make sure that you have a fire extinguisher heavy. Since this deep fryer uses oil and extreme heat, you will need to know that you are using the right type of extinguisher, to put out the fire, rather than exacerbate it. In the case of a deep fryer, you should keep a Class K extinguisher handy, for best results. Never cook on the deep fryer without a Class K extinguisher within 30 feet.  #2: Get A Fire Inspection If You Will Constantly Use The Deep Fryer Calling in a licensed and insured fire inspector will give you peace of mind as you use your deep fryer. They will not only inspect the deep fryer itself, to make sure that there are no parts out of place that pose safety hazards, but they will also inspect the cooking area and property itself. This will help you to avoid fire hazards overall and give you peace of mind.  #3: Learn The Proper Way To Clean Your Deep Fryer Cleaning your deep fryer is the most useful thing that you can do, both in terms of cooking quality and safety. There are some steps you can take to this end, including cleaning the element after every cooking encounter, thoroughly scrubbing the exterior with soap and water, using only recommended cooking temperatures and to boil the fry pot between 3 and 6 month intervals. When you properly clean your deep fryer, you give yourself the freedom to operate it often, without worry of malfunction or hazard.  Follow this guide so that your deep fryer serves you better and serves as a great investment. To learn more, contact a company like K & D Factory Service Inc. with any questions or concerns you...

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