Speeding Up Morning Service At Your Drive-Thru Coffee Stand

Posted on: 26 January 2022

Drive-thru coffee stands, like Gravity Coffee Company, give people a way to quickly pick up coffee on their way to work. It's easy to pull up to a coffee stand, place your order, and then receive a nice, warm cup of coffee to sip throughout the morning. But if you run one of these drive-thru coffee stands, you know getting people their coffee quickly during the morning rush hour is not as easy as it looks! You always need to be looking for ways to speed up service and keep things moving. How do you do that? Here are a few strategies.

Make coffees ahead when possible.

There are likely a few items on your menu that are really popular. Plain, drip coffee tends to be one of these. Decaf does, too. There may be one or two "signature" coffee beverages that your guests order again and again. Have your baristas pour and prepare some of these coffees ahead of time whenever they have a few spare seconds. If you have, for example, three regular coffees already poured and ready to go, then when the next customer pulls up and orders one, the barista just has to hand it to them.

Limit your food menu during these hours.

If you serve food, too, try limiting your food menu during the morning rush. For example, from the hours of 7:00 am - 9:00 am, you may want to only serve muffins. You can start serving your other items once rush hour is over. Limiting the menu makes it faster for your baristas to ring up orders. It also means they can set other food items aside, out of their immediate work space, which makes it easier for them to grab what they need while busy.

Pre-sleeve the cups.

Putting an insulating sleeve on a coffee cup only takes a few seconds, but if you add up all the seconds it takes to put sleeves on every cup you serve during the morning rush, you'll realize how much that one step slows things down. So, throughout the day when things are slow, have your baristas put sleeves on cups ahead of time. Set those cups aside so they can be used when things get busy in the morning.

Keeping the line moving during the morning rush is not always easy in a coffee stand. But if you follow the advice above, you can make quite a lot of progress.