Holiday Meal Catering — 4 Reasons People Hesitate And Why You Shouldn't

Posted on: 22 November 2022

Most Americans would like to make their holiday cooking easier, but they hesitate at the thought of having it catered. If you're one of these, how can you get past the inner obstacles to catered holiday meals? Here are four of the most common worries and what you should know about reality.

1. Catering Isn't as Personal

The tradition of preparing food by hand for your family runs deep during the holidays. But not everyone enjoys a lot of cooking or baking. Not everyone is good at it, even if they have the best intentions. And not everyone has the time to devote to it. If you fall into any of these categories, think about the ways you could spend that time and how much more you may enjoy those moments. Your family may be happier if you're happier. 

2. Your Food Expresses Your Love

Many people show how much they care about their loved ones by cooking and baking by hand. And this is a great sentiment, but it can commit a well-meaning cook to many hours of work and money spent. Are there other ways you might show your family or friends you love them? Why not spend extra time with them? Get your shopping done, hand-write cards, make your own gifts, or help them with their holiday tasks. 

3. Catering Is Too Expensive

A catered meal is an investment, but is it really that much more than you'd otherwise spend? With rising food, gas, and utility costs, you may find that you're already spending more than you think to prepare a big home-cooked meal. And with catered food, you can right-size the portions so you aren't buying more than you need.

4. People Want to Contribute

One of the traditions that many people look forward to is their friends and family bringing their own dishes to the shared meal. Maybe they look forward to your signature dish. Don't worry, though, you and your guests can still contribute your favorite parts of the meal. The catering team is there to take work and worry off your hands, so they'll provide as much or as little as you want to be done. 

Where Should You Start?

Could catering make this holiday easier, tastier, and less stressful? If you think so, start by meeting with a quality catering service in your area today. With their help, you'll soon put together a gathering that everyone will thoroughly enjoy — including the cook and host. For more information, contact a catering company near you.