Why Are Food Bowl Choppers Superior To Hand-Chopping?

Posted on: 4 August 2021

Food bowl choppers are professional-quality kitchen appliances that allow restaurants to prepare food more efficiently. They come in various sizes to suit any restaurant's food preparation needs, and they are highly adaptable. Food bowl choppers cut meat, vegetables, fruit, and more. Here are four reasons that food bowl choppers are superior to cutting food by hand:

1. Frozen meat does not have to be thawed prior to chopping.

In a busy commercial kitchen, every minute counts. Thawing frozen meat can take hours or days, depending on the method used. A miscalculation regarding the amount of meat needed for any given day can lead to an insufficient amount of prepared product and lost revenue. Fortunately, food bowl choppers allow cooks to easily chop and puree meat while it's still frozen. Food bowl choppers generate heat when used for extended periods of time, which can thaw meat quickly and safely.

2. Food bowl choppers can create smooth purees.

Food bowl choppers can be used to create smooth purees, making them a highly versatile commercial kitchen appliance. This feature can create sauces and soups without the need for a food processor or immersion blender. Food bowl choppers can also be used to prepare meat for sausages and hamburger patties. This means you can purchase inexpensive whole cuts of meat instead of ground beef or pork and will save money. 

3. Fruit and vegetable salads can be made almost instantly.

Food bowl choppers can be used to cut meat, but they may also be used to prepare fruits and vegetables. These choppers can create a fine dice in a matter of seconds. For instance, they are useful for creating dishes like pico de gallo, salsa, fruit salads, and more. These chopping appliances can help your staff save time that would have been wasted preparing produce manually. 

4. Food bowl choppers are sanitary and easy to clean.

Food bowl choppers are easy to clean and sanitize, making it simple to go from cutting meat to vegetables safely. These choppers are made for commercial use, which means they're built from durable stainless steel. Each part of a food bowl chopper is non-porous, which means it will not harbor bacteria or food particles. In addition, food bowl choppers can be disassembled and washed in a commercial dishwasher. After washing, a quick soak in sanitizing fluid will kill any lingering bacteria, so your chopper will be ready to prepare another batch of delicious food.