Create Tasty Meat And Vegetable Burgers For Your Campers

Posted on: 24 April 2020

If you will be hosting a youth camp program this summer, plan the campers' menu in advance and gather the supplies needed for each meal. Some of the meals may involve eating fish that you catch, but you can also include meals that are reminiscent of what the troop members usually eat when they are at home with their families. Hamburger moulder equipment can be used to create vegetable or meat patties that are a uniform thickness and shape.

Use A Manual Or An Electric Moulder

A manual moulder is often constructed of plastic or metal. This type of press will contain two plates that are designed to flatten the meat or vegetable mixture to the desired thickness and help the product retain its shape. Similar to a cookie cutter, a manual press will have a rim surrounding it, which will retain the ingredients and encourage a uniform disc-shaped patty.

An electric moulder is a piece of machinery that will allow you or your kitchen staff employees to prepare multiple patties at the same time. If the camp has a kitchen facility on the premises, investing in this type of equipment will allow you to prepare meals immediately before the campers are due to arrive at the dining hall.

If you choose a manual moulder, prepare vegetable and meat patties in advance and freeze the patties. Moulder paper should be used when using either type of moulding equipment. The paper will prevent the meat or vegetable mixtures from sticking to the plates, allowing for an easy preparation and cleanup process.

Perfect Your Recipes

Allergies, personal preferences, and cost may have a bearing on the menu that you supply your campers with. If the children are presented with tasty, yet healthy dishes, their camping experience will likely be more enjoyable than if they were presented with meals that they found to be unappealing. Perfect your recipes now so that you will be confident about making the meals once camp is underway.

Before using moulding equipment, prepare a meat or a vegetable mixture. Add seasonings to the mixture and stir the ingredients for several minutes. Put on a pair of gloves before grabbing some of the raw meat or vegetable blend and adding it to one of the moulding chambers. Cook the patties and taste each one. Make adjustments to the recipes if you think that more spices or additional ingredients will improve the taste and texture of each burger.

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