Is Your Neighborhood Hosting A Fall Festival?

Posted on: 30 September 2019

Does your neighborhood host a festival every fall? If so, are you on the planning committee? Maybe you are the HOA manager or the HOA president. No matter your position, maybe you have the activities, the food and the drinks for the event totally planned. If you are still in the planning stages of your neighborhood fall festival, from arranging for bulk water delivery service to planning the activities, the food and the drinks, here are some ideas that might help.

Arrange For Bulk Water Delivery Service - Even though your fall festival won't happen during the hot summer months, you'll still have a lot of people there and you should have plenty of water for them. Think of how you want your bulk water to be delivered. For example, do you want small I individual bottles that can be given out at no cost? Maybe you'll want to order some of the larger size individual water bottles. Your committee can decide on whether or not to charge for those. 

Another idea is to order huge containers of water that can be placed on tables along with disposable drinking cups. Place those tables in strategic places so they can be easily found. For example, if you'll be having things like relay races or three legged races, it would make sense to have the large containers of water available to those who are super thirsty after exercising so strenuously.

The great part about bulk water delivery is that unused bottles can be picked up and you can probably get credit for those you didn't open. Beside that the delivery service knows exactly when you want the water to be delivered. 

​Activités And More - Three-legged races and relay races can be just part of the fun. Think of also having people who can do face makeup. And, it might be a lot of fun to have unique items of clothing that people can wear to have photographs taken. For example, funny wigs and silly eyeglasses are just a couple of props that would be fun for photographs. 

Think of having old-fashioned bobbing for apples and booths where people can try their hand at knocking down bowling-type pins. A big sand box that has hidden treasures in it would be lots of fun for little kids. Tiny dinosaurs, little plastic robots, small balls and even some coins are just a few of the things kids can look for.

As far as food goes, think of going with things like tacos-in-a-bag and hot dogs. Donuts would be both delicious and very easy to serve. For more information, contact a water service company, such as Dean's Waterservice Inc.