Creating A Spectacular And Unforgettable Wedding!

Posted on: 21 September 2015

Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. You want everything to be perfect on the day of your wedding so it is essential that you pick the right location. Depending on your budget and the amount of guests that you invite, there are many different options for unique, creative venues where you can have a remarkable and unforgettable wedding.   

A Traditional Hotel Venue

A hotel is a multifaceted facility that can accommodate the varied requirements of a wedding ceremony and reception all in one location. One option for a wedding at a hotel is to have the marriage ceremony in an outdoor, garden setting and then have the guests move into a banquet hall for the reception. A hotel will cater all of the food and drink for your wedding as they already have chefs and waiters on staff. Additionally, if you are expecting family and friends from out of town, a hotel can provide your guests with room accommodations in the same location as your wedding. For those reasons, a hotel can be a perfect site for a truly impressive and memorable wedding. 

Non-Traditional Venues in Nature

For a truly creative and non-traditional wedding, consider having it on a beach or in a natural setting like a botanical garden, conservatory, or in a city, state or national park. When hosting a wedding in a natural setting, you can rent a tent, tables and chairs to provide a comfortable place for your guests at the reception. You can have more options for different types of food and drink at a non-traditional wedding, from simple, elegant fare to traditional family favorites. Having a wedding in a natural setting might take a bit more organization and planning, but the result could be very personal and quite extraordinary. 

Other Non-Traditional Venues

You are only limited by your imagination when hosting a wedding at a non-traditional venue. Some distinctive locations and facilities to consider are:

  • a local landmark such as a historical building or library
  • a luxury sailboat, riverboat, yacht or ferry
  • an art museum or theatre 
  • a private home or estate
  • an art gallery 
  • a film studio 
  • a private club or lodge
  • an airport hanger
  • an equestrian center (where all of your guests could be on horseback)

A non-traditional location can be ideal for an imaginative and meaningful wedding. In a non-traditional venue, you have great creative license to personalize your decorations, food, flowers, music and entertainment to reflect your aesthetics, taste, and theme. You can even ask your guests to participate in your wedding by dressing up in costumes to fit in with the theme and setting that you have chosen. This could be a source of fun and involvement for you and all of your guests. Contact a local venue, such as McHale's Events & Catering, for further assistance.

Whether you chose to have a traditional or non-traditional wedding, the location plays an integral part in the success of your event. Hiring a wedding coordinator might also be a wise decision as they have the experience and knowledge to help you organize and plan your wedding and suggest things that you may not have considered. With careful planning and thought, you can create a meaningful and unforgettable wedding that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.